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Model RPMC-K. Constant mechanical air volume controllers are meant for input or output air systems. Controllers can be installed in horizontal or vertical position with horizontal blade axis. The aerodynamic forces acting the list due to the flow are compensated by the control device adjusted according required flow. Mechanical controllers need not be connected to any external power source. Adjustment of required flow is simply performed by lever with a pointer and scale.
The controller consists of the casing of the controller with a control blade and control device.
Control device is placed inside of box with scale for adjustment of required flow. Accuracy of the scale is ± 5 %.

Controller characteristics:

Nominal size: 200x100 to 600x600.
Length: L = 350.
Thickness: according to EN 1751.
External casing leakage class C.
Air flow volume: 250 to 12000 m3/h.
Accuracy: 10% - 15% (on the min./max. positions 20%).
Pollution, deformation of the damper body or non-steady air circulation in the all cross section of the damper can bring bigger inaccuracy.

Working conditions:

The faultless functioning of the controllers is ensured under the following conditions:
a) maximum speed of air flow 10 m/s.
b) maximum pressure in the duct 1000 Pa.
c) the air circulation in the whole controller section must be secured as steady on whole surface.
Controllers are designed for macroclimatic areas with mild climate according to EN 60 721-3-3.
Controllers are suitable for systems without abrasive, chemical and adhesive particles.
Temperature in the place of installation is permitted to range from 0°C to + 50°C.


From 200x100 to 600x600