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Model RPMC-V. The air volume controllers are meant for systems with a variable air volume that is used for input or output air. The required amount of air that is taken into the individual rooms or working areas is variable with respect to time and can be changed according to momentary need when the controllers are installed. Total power of air-conditioning system can be lower. This variable systems enable a more economical operation air-conditioning systems and while ensuring individual well-being on the premises setting.
The controller consists of the body of the controller with a control blades and pressure probes for determining the through-flow of air. An compact controller is affixed to the body for controlling the control blades.

Controller characteristics:

Type of regulation:
- control air flow.
- control of pressure in the duct.
- control of pressure in the room.
Nominal size: 200x100 ÷ 1000x1000
Length: L = 300 mm
Tightness: in accordance with EN 1751
External casing leakage class C
Internal leakage class 3
Air flow rate: 70 ÷ 26 000 m³/h (for 12m/s is a maximum airflow volume of 70 ÷ 26 000 m³/h) maximum airflow volume of 43 000 m³/h*).
Accuracy: ± 8 % for velocity up to 3 m/s and ± 5 % for higher velocity.
Air velocity: Standard set-up is in range from min. 1 m/s to 7 m/s by Belimo.

Working conditions:

The faultless functioning of the controllers is ensured under the following conditions:
a) maximum speed of air flow 7 m/s
b) maximum pressure in the duct 1000 Pa
c) the air circulation in the whole controller section must be secured as steady on whole surface - see point 4.1.
Controllers are designed for macroclimatic areas with mild climate according to EN 60 721-3-3.
Controllers are suitable for systems without abrasive, chemical and adhesive particles.
Temperature in the place of installation is permitted to range from 0°C to +50°C. The controllers are supplied without insulation or in an insulated design. Insulation thickness is 40 mm.


RPM-CV.01 For control with 0(2)...10 V signal or MP-BUS protocol.
RPMC-V.02 For control with 0(2)...10 V signal or using Modbus RTU, BACnet or MP-BUS protocol.