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Model SEDS. Smoke extraction dampers - single are shutters in smoke exhaust piping systems. Dampers are designed to remove heat and combustion products (e.g. smoke) from single fire compartment. The damper blade is operated by an actuating mechanism.


The dampers can be installed in various duct sizes with respect to the field of direct applications according with EN 1366-9.
The field of direct applications based on tests results is acceptable according to EN 1363-1, part A.1 and A.2, EN 1366-2, part 13 and EN 1366-10, part 9.
Declaration of Perfomance No. PM/SEDS/01/22/1
Dampers are designed for smoke exhaust piping systems with underpressure max. -1000 Pa or overpressure max. 500 Pa.
Dampers are designed for maximum air velocity 15 m/s.
Smoke extraction dampers - single are classified as E600 90 (ve-i ‹-›o) A1000C300AAsingle.
In the event of fire the Smoke and Fire ventilation system opens the damper in the affected section which removes combustion products and heat from this section.
Dampers are designed for installation with horizontal blade axis. Flow direction has to be led from actuating side (it is labeled by arrow on the damper casing).
Dampers are designed for macroclimatic areas with mild climate according to EN 60 721-3-3.
Temperature in the place of installation is permitted to range from -30°C to +50°C.


From 200 × 200 mm to 1000 x 1000 mm


SEDS.44 Drive mechanism.BEN, BEE, BE (230V) InMax 50.75-S.
SEDS.54 Drive Mechanism.BEN, BEE, BE (24V) InMax 50.75-S.
SEDS.66 Communication and power supply device BKNE 230-24 and power supply BKNE 230-24 and servo motor 24V. BEN, BEE, BE -ST.