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The CR regulation dampers are manufactured with an extruded aluminium frame to offer great resistance to the assembly. The movable blades opposite each other are made of both aluminium and PVC.
The opening and closing system consists of gears connected to a manually operated worm screw. It is arranged for the adjustment of the blades in the required position. Thanks to the worm screw the position of the blades will not suffer changes in their degree of inclination when acting as a lever, the CR regulation is coupled to the internal face of the grille by means of fixing clips.
Model CRX. Regulation damper, with horizontal fins parallel to the level L. Slats built in PVC up to L=300 and in Aluminium for L≥350.
Model CRZ. Regulation damper, with vertical blades parallel to the H level. Blades manufactured in PVC up to H=300 and in Aluminium for H ≥350.